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Young Legal Porn Penelope Goes Anal

Anal sex is generally an activity reserved for lovers, and in this porn clip we get to see one of the most loving women around giving their asses for the delight of their partner. She does enjoy being taken from behind, but only when she knows that the person she’s with is in a new level of pleasure by being connected by the ass. Penelope is just 18 years of age, and that tight ass is rarely violated by men – so you can imagine just how important it is to her keeping it pristine and untouched.

The action started off relatively tame with Penelope having a lovely kiss and a cuddle, but this guy knew deep down inside he wanted nothing more than pure anal bliss. With one swift movement of his cock, he approached her rear entrance and buried his shaft deep within the backdoor passage his beautiful sex partner has. He understands just how important it is for Penelope to see him enjoying himself, so he takes her gently to begin with, setting himself up for a blissful anal session.

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